Welcome to the Happy Bunny Bakery for Vegan Cakes, Bakes and Gifts

I love spending my spare time experimenting with traditional recipes to create amazing new vegan alternatives. Now I’ve decided to take my hobby and turn it into my dream job by setting up my own Vegan Bakery. I want to show that you don’t need loads of unusual ingredients to create amazing an tasty bakes. I’m especially excited about meeting you all at markets where you’ll be able to sample my cakes, bakes and gifts. In addition to my legendary Banana Bread and Lemon Loaves, you will be able to get Cupcakes, Cookies and even some Gluten Free Goodies.

My selection of beautiful, handmade Bakery Mixes will make an amazing gifts for special occasions. My cake making service will make it really easy for you to spoil your Vegan (and non-Vegan) guests with fresh baked goodies direct to your door.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Much Love

Lauren xxx